This project was assigned by Sarah Garcin at Parsons Paris. The exercise was to code and design a website that emphasizes the web/print dynamic.


Edutesting is an educational tool to help one adapt to a more cruelty-free lifestyle : it is common for brands to advertise themsleves as "cruelty-free" whilst their mother brand still tests on animals. Each parent company that does animal testing leads you to its own printable poster.

The website "Cruelty Kitty" linked to some images isn't my creation and is put there for information purposes : it is a search engine for more sustainable and animal friendly companies.

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ARTIST 2000 (2018)

This project was assigned by Raphael Bastide at Parsons Paris. The goal was to create, in 5 weeks, an apparatus/tool to make digital art (in our case, inspired by Ascii art). 

This project was made in collaboration with Thalia Kassem and Nasia Chan.

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