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For this second project of Defacement, we were asked to create a body of work that documents, interprets or re enacts an instance or a material form of physical erasure in response to a specific Parisian urban scape or social dynamic. I chose the urban cultural center that is the Cent Quatre. Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, this industrial building is a public space of infinite art ,culture and innovation.People come here for art exhibitions, art residencies, start-up residencies, but mostly to rehearse performing arts such as theatre or contemporary dance. While it is today place of free expression and movement, it certainly holds a different history.


In 1874, it was inaugurated, and for 120 years house state funded funeral services. They called it the "mourning factory", as they handled 150 funerals a day in an enormous industrial establishment whose facilities allowed this amount of activity. It involved creation, storage and transportation of the coffins, the side halls housed ornament stores and workshops. 


In conclusion, the 104 went through a drastic defacement from past to present. I intend to showcase it through a juxtaposition of stills, films and sound. The stills will show-case the industrial architecture that mimicked the large exhibition halls and train stations of the 19th century. The building’s aesthetic is our main link from past to present, it is the space where everything is and has been experienced. The sound will work as an analogy and retracing of the past, mirroring those you would hear when it was a funeral service in their appropriate locations . Finally we will have the film, edited in a very contemporary style, which is a representation of what the defacement of the Cent Quatre has led to today: from detachment and death to life, expression and movement.


Research Blog:

For Core studio 4 with Lily Hibberd, Spring 2020, Parsons Paris.

I do not own any of the sounds used.

Song used for personal project: Roma by Trinity Ezah.


-Prints put together in video for presentation-


At our current rate, climate catastrophe is inevitable.While we often adress the more obvious factors like fossel fuels and mass production, the consequences of our technology are widely overlooked. So I aimed to create a visual link between our virtual actions and its material manifestations on our environment and ecosystems.

Out of all of our daily technological tools, the computer is the one we do the most with. We work on it, upload and download, use heavy softwares, watch and down- load movies, play video games...It is indispensable to the modern man, and can be considered the gadget with the highest carbon footprint in relation to its extensive use.And what would represent better a computer than the desktop picture, mostly hd heavenly natural landscapes that are always in the background of whatever it is we’re doing.Some desktop pictures are so famous they’ve become an icon of a certain brand and time, like the Windows green hill image “Bliss” taken by Charles O’Rear in 1996.

The question I asked myself is what would these desktop pictures actually look like if they were true to the appearance, or the future appearance of the subject in question.It is common knowledge that the most visible manifestations of Global Warming are melting ice sheets (which has been happening for quite some time now), and in consequence rising sea levels so more clouds/precipitations and ero- sion of the soil. For my project, I chose 2 desktop images in which I could alter and translate these manifestations in a way that the visual impact is strong and the message clear. An aerial ice sheet image from the default Mac systems, and the iconic “green hill” from the Windows system. This series will contain 7 images ( base image + 6 altered ) as an ironic nudge to the Christian belief that God created the world in 7 days. We now have the destruction of our world and precious ecosystems in 7 steps.


Video created by Sacha R. Assi for the Narratives Lab 2018 at Parsons Paris.

Instructor : Raphaël Bastide


I, like many many other girls, watched Sleeping Beauty when I was younger and read the tale. I remember wishing this would be me before I went to sleep. However, I grew up and thankfully so did society. Listening to the story now makes me laugh more than anything else because of the absurdity and the low-key sexism. This is why I decided to reinvent the way it's told and adapt it. This in-screen video is a modern twist on the traditional fairytale. By showcasing various digital media on an in-screen platform, the story of the famous Sleeping Beauty is told in a modern and diverse context (with a few hints of satire) that creates a captivating contrast between what the tale represents and today's technology/internet culture and social ideals. I switched through apps and tabs with Macbook shortcuts. Quicktime player was used to record the screen and imovie was used to put the audio and video together.


A short film created by Sacha R. Assi & Tedi Islami that emphasizes the tension, frustration and paranoia as a result of being caught in a crowd. With almost 8 billion people in the world, insanely crowded areas are more common than ever, especially in big cities (in this case, Paris). Additionally, crowds are known to be easy targets for terror, and Agoraphobia is the fear of not being able to escape bad situations. Filmed on a Canon 80D.

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