I'm Sacha Rafaelle Assi, a Canadian multidisciplinary artist originally from Lebanon. I’ve always been an expat, living in different countries and being exposed to many cultures throughout the continents. I know it’s one of the reasons why my work is so diverse. Art and Design is my channel, not only as an output to what I feel but to what my audience feels as well.

While concept is important, aesthetic does play an important role in my work because of my Graphic Design foundation, and my perfectionist nature. I like to work with different mediums and create dynamic and participative pieces. I create New Media Art, working with interactive installations, combining technology like coding and robotics with 3D pieces. I love the different ways people respond to the mixture of Art and Technology, as both notions come from opposing foundations. I have a great interest in photography as well, where my strongest pictures are those that convey a design through the composition of an object. I’ll take the most mundane scenarios or surfaces and elevate their aesthetic through a play on exposure, contrast and framing. However, because of my strong desire to create a physical and emotional experience for my audience, I have found that immersive Art is my favorite medium. With the combination of Virtual Reality, installations, conceptual art and contemporary media, I provoke sensorial stimulations and mental associations that mirror the “super-industrialist” society of today. Complex combinations help me convey complex emotions.

It hasn’t come easy, but as I approach the completion of my BFA, I’m not scared of not being able to categorize my craft in the Art world. With a great range of tools at my disposition, everything I do is its own.


 When it comes to my output, I ultimately want to be exhibited in galleries, museums and events. I want to ignite the conversations I find necessary as I believe we all play our part in our society and community. I want to tackle the big scary questions and make them more approachable and available. Maybe even make them look cool and memorable while I’m at it. Some pieces may be more neutral and reflective, and some may be full of personal expression; I don’t limit myself. My tone is as adaptable as the other components that make my work.



© Sacha R. Assi 2021