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This website acts as a portfolio that features some of her works. Short films and prototypes can be found on her youtube channel.


Sacha Rafaelle Assi was born in Dubai, and currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, also part of the Lebanese diaspora. Having always been an expat, living in different countries and being exposed to many cultures throughout the continents, her creative range is diverse. 


In her work, technology when used as an art tool, holds a deep contemporary message in nature and allows pieces to reach new dynamic levels. She exploits this in her installations, which explore the effects of the digital age of information and hyper connectivity. Having access to the Internet from a young age, the psychological as well as environmental and social consequences of our super-industrialist society drive most of her practice.


Conceptual themes, aesthetics and composition play an important role in Assi’s work. Having started out in Graphic Design, she acquired a bold and graphic style. She holds great interest in digital photography, influenced by design and a type of modern photography that depicts scenes in sharp detail, contrast and focus. Her subjects are architectural and landscape, emphasizing the messages behind Man's physical imprint.  Assi enjoys challenging those visual and problem-solving skills with hand-cut collages. Working with interactive installations that combine technology and sensorial stimulation, her work explores New Media Art. She has a strong desire to create a physical and emotional experience for her audience through the immersive environments she creates. The allow complex combinations to convey complex emotions. Combining Virtual Reality, installations, conceptual art and contemporary media, she guides the audience into an altered state. Some of the many mediums she has had the privilege to work with include short films, UX/UI, creative coding, video mapping and sculptures.


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